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Release Calendar Template Excel Template

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A release calendar is a powerful tool for any project manager. The best ones are made with an Excel template.

To start using it effectively, download the excel file and customize your own version of the template. Don’t forget to include at least two weeks' worth of content in each column to ensure that you have enough information on hand should you need it.

Template Details:

A release calendar template excel spreadsheet contains the scheduled release of your products. It also has a column where you can list the features that will be available with each product release. It is a spreadsheet that allows you to quickly and easily plan out your future releases. The sheet will help you manage the time frames for each project, as well as any internal deadlines or milestones.

Format: MS Excel 


  • Update the month and year in the section rest all updated automatically.
  • Enter the Event description in the respective row.
  • Enter R to show the as system Outage 
  • Enter G to show no systems impact 
  • Enter B to show event notice.
  • Enter Y for internal outage