Project Tracking Spreadsheet

Project Tracking Spreadsheet, Project tracker

Project Tracking Spreadsheet

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Project tracking can be a time-consuming task. While it is essential for many businesses, recording project status and other relevant documents into a spreadsheet can be time-consuming and tedious.

Project tracking spreadsheets are an effective way to keep track of your projects. They allow you to easily see how much time is spent on each project, what type of work is being done, and who the project leader is. Project tracking sheets also help with budgeting because they show you which projects are costing more or less than expected. 

Template details:

The Project Tracker has two key sections-

  • The task tracker- A task tracker will allow you to organize all of your tasks in one place, see who is assigned what, set due dates for every single project, collaborate with other people on projects, so there is no more confusion.
  • Timeline tracker-Timeline tracker allows you to track the time spent on tasks to make sure you are spending enough time on your most important work.


MS Excel


    • This project tracking template helps in tasks and overall management.
    • The template can manage up to 20 tasks.
    • Good for waterfall methodology projects.
    • The Project Tracker has two key sections – The task tracker and the timeline tracker.


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