ITIL Request for Change

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itil request for change, itil request for change template, request for change

ITIL Request for Change

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ITIL Request for Change is an important process in the ITIL framework. It is used to request changes to processes, procedures, or services that are currently being offered by an organization. The goal of this process is to improve service delivery and/or efficiency by making improvements based on customer feedback. 

It provides an avenue for change to be initiated, planned, and implemented without causing disruption to the business. A good understanding of this process will help you manage change effectively and smoothly. 

Template Details:

ITIL Request for Change includes the following four steps: 

  • Identify service(s) impacted by the change
  • Evaluate the impact of change on IT services
  • Evaluate proposed changes and agree on a new configuration
  • Planning the implementation of IT Service Changes


MS Word


    Our Template includes the following sections 

    • Change Request Details
    • Change Requested Description
    • Cost-Benefit analysis
    • Change Request Tracking
    • CR Tracking
    • Status of RFC
    • Requester’s Comments
    • Follow-Up Actions, as defined by the CAB
    • Validation Actions by the CAB
    • Authorization
    • Requester
    • Requester’s Supervisor
    • RFC Owner
    • RFC Distribution Date

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