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Heatmap Templates (4 templates)

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A heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the individual values are represented as colors. The heat map can be used for various industries and to depict any number of different data sets and was originally used for presenting financial data. 

A common use for heatmaps is to visualize points of interest on maps, such as weather patterns or geographical locations. A heatmap template provides valuable information that can help guide decisions about what content should be on your site and where it should be placed. 

Template details:

  • The heatmap template helps you to find out weak areas in your project which you can fix accordingly.
  • In the risk heatmap template, you can list out the risk factors, their impact, and their likelihood of occurrence.


Ms-Excel, PPT


The bundle consists of 4 templates:

  • Issue heatmap dashboard final- Highlights issues in a project.
  • Excel risk heatmap- Highlights the risk factors in a project
  • Heatmap PPT template- Highlights the quarterly sales
  • Project status report heatmap- Shows the critical areas in a project