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Communications Management Plan

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The  Communications Management Plan (CMP) is a document that will help you to identify and plan for the different types of communication required throughout your project. In addition, it provides organizations with guidance on how to best address various situations such as crises, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, product introductions, or rebranding strategies.

A CMP can be applied to any organization, but large businesses most often use it with multiple stakeholders or more than one product line.

Template details:

  • Communications Management Plan template can help you to plan and control communications for a variety of situations. 
  • This template provides a framework to measure the effectiveness of communication activities and make informed decisions for improvement.


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  • Communication items- Determine the stakeholder groups, modes of communication, and project owner.

  • Communication Matrix- It clearly states which communication channels are allowed between the project team and other project stakeholders. 
  • Project Meetings-  It includes daily standup meetings, stakeholder and risk identification etc.