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Workplace Violence Incidents - Report Template

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The Workplace Violence Incident Report Template is a document that you can log and report workplace violence incidents. It contains spaces to describe the incident, where it happened, who was involved, how it impacted the victim, what the perpetrator did or said during the incident and any other information that may help understand what happened. 

It is used for any physical or verbal assault by any employee or visitor towards any employee or visitor. Records the details and witness statements of the incident. 

Format: MS Excel

Template details:

How this template benefits employers?

  • Management can watch employees who have gone rogue or are otherwise not performing their duties satisfactorily.
  • Employees that cause violence at work will often display other signs of poor performance, such as lying or stealing from the company. Companies can identify potential problems before they escalate into major issues by monitoring these people carefully with Workplace Violence incident reports.


The template covers the following sections-

  • Details of the Report
  • Incident Details
  • Involved in the Incident
  • Incident Witnesses
  • Follow up actions
  • Approval of Documentation