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WBS MS Project Template

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The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) views the entire scope broken down into smaller work blocks in a hierarchical structure. The completion of the work blocks will result in the completion of the deliverable and achievement of the objectives.

It is imperative that 100% of the needed work appear in the WBS diagram and that there isn’t any overlap between different work blocks. The WBS isn’t a project plan: It specifies who does what, not when, or how.

Format: MPP

Template details:

The benefits of using this template:

  • Helps us to identify the work required for a project. It can be used in any project, and it can help you see where your time should be spent on the project.
  •  It ensures that everyone is working towards the same goal, so there is no confusion about what needs to be done. 
  • It helps you stay organized by giving you an overview of everything that needs to get done for your project.


The templates are usually created to help managers get an idea of all the tasks before them to better plan their time.

The sections include:

  • Enter breakdown tasks, duration, start date, end date.
  • The timeline will reflect on the right side based on the data entered.