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Visio Roadmap Template

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A roadmap template allows visualization of the timeline and the components and the deliverables with a high-level overarching strategy.

Project Roadmap can also show areas of high risk if the Project Manager wishes to alert the team members to that fact.  It provides you with the ability to create a timeline of all your projects and see what needs to be done next


Template details:

The benefits of using this template include:

  •  Provides businesses with the tools they need in order to create a professional-looking map that can be used as a guide for their future success.
  • They can help people communicate their thoughts by making diagrams that illustrate the flow of activities from start to finish. 


  • In the roadmap template, workstreams, a monthly timeline, and the high-level tasks to be done.
  • The template covers different phases - Current System Analysis, New Systems Build, Test, and Go Live.
  • Current system analysis includes - Analysis, Planning, and Presenting conclusions.