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Traffic Lights Excel Example

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Traffic Lights Excel Example Template is a template designed to help you excel at managing your business. It has the ability to show and hide columns based on what you need for that specific moment in time. You can also set up templates so that they automatically update as new data comes in, saving hours of tedious work!

Template Details:

Traffic Lights Excel Example Template is a downloadable template that you can use to create your own traffic light example. This spreadsheet will help you organize your data and show the difference between fixed-cost, variable-costs, and sunk costs. The Traffic Lights Excel Example Template is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to know more about accounting or finance concepts!

Download Traffic Lights Excel template with example to monitor all your work and status of them.

Format: MS Excel


  • Your data automatically updates when new records are added.
  • No programming knowledge required.
  • Allows for conditional formatting and multiple type of graphs to be created on the same worksheet.
  • Can filter data by specific criteria, such as date ranges or categories.
  • Ability to remove blank rows from your spreadsheet before exporting it into PDF format.