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Team Status Report Template

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Team status report templates are a way to create reports that show the progress of your team. You can use them to track multiple projects or tasks at once, and they come in many different formats. A good template helps you stay on top of what needs to be done, so it's important to know how to find one for your business.

Template Details:

When managing a team it is good practice to send out a periodic status report for the team. This template allows a manager to report on team utilization, achievements, risks /issues faced and the upcoming milestones for the team.

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  • Covers all the key aspects of a team - Utilization, achievements, risks/issues, milestones, individual statuses, team allocations and dependencies.
  • The template contains a dashboard as first page, includes a sample page for individual report, team allocations and dependencies.
  • The utilization graph shows % utilization of each team member.
  • The achievements section highlights the different tasks completed in the reporting period.
  • Risks and Issues section highlights the problems that the team is facing.
  • Upcoming milestones shows the milestones for the next period.
  • The reporting period can be a week, fortnight or monthly.