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Task Priority Matrix

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Task Priority Matrix is an approach to categorizing the tasks you have into Critical, High, Medium, and Low. The categorization helps you to address the tasks on a priority basis. This priority matrix build in excel helps you to manage your tasks and priorities.
Task prioritization is also called the "Important/Urgent" decision-making matrix.

You can use the matrix as a planning tool so that you know what needs to be done at any given moment, or as an executing tool so that you can see which task should be tackled next.

    Template details:

    Tasks are splits into 4 quadrants - 

    • First (Upper Left) - Important and Urgent
    • Second (Upper Right) – Important but not Urgent
    • Third (Lower Left) - Urgent but not Important
    • Fourth (Lower Right) – Not Important and Not Urgent

    Format: MS Excel


    • Allows task prioritization based on four categories - Critical, High, Medium, and Low.
    • Has a backlog section that can be used to list the tasks which need to be done.
    • Task has to be created once in the backlog and then moved to the required categories by simply entering task ID.
    • The matrix highlights tasks that are not assigned in any category.
    • Duplicate tasks are highlighted in red bold in all the categories.
    • Each task has a score that can be used to signify the priority.