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Task List Template

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A task list template is a document that can be used by anyone to create their own tasks lists. It's designed for simplicity and flexibility, so you can easily organize your day-to-day tasks in an efficient way. 

It is a good method of setting and tracking tasks is using a Task List Template, which simply lists the tasks along with other key attributes like: Due Date, Priority, Owner, Status, etc.

Template details:

The sheet consists of two templates - 

  • Task Analysis Template- This is a great way to understand the steps employees need to take in order to perform their tasks. It also helps managers and owners determine how much time it takes for an employee to complete his or her tasks.
  • Employee Task List Template- The employee task list template will help you stay organized when assigning tasks to your employees.

Format: Excel

Task Analysis Template includes the following columns-

  • Number of tasks
  • The task details
  • The team which owns the task
  • The status of the task (drop-down list)
  • Start date of the task
  • End date of the task
  • The delay (in workdays) of the task from the end date.
  • Comments

Employee Task List Template includes the following columns-

  • Number of tasks.
  • The task details
  • The due date
  • The priority of the task (drop-down list)
  • The status of the task (drop-down list)
  • Comments