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Status Update Toolkit (Status Reports & Email Templates)

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Status Update Toolkit is a set of tools designed to help you keep your team up-to-date with the status of their projects. We have created status reports and email templates designed specifically for project managers, developers, designers, writers, marketers, accountants - all sorts!

We have taken care to provide different types of formats so that everyone can find one that suits them best. You can choose from monthly or weekly reports with either clear or detailed summaries depending on what suits you.

Format: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

Templates Included in the Download -

  1. Team Status Report Dashboard
  2. Client Status Update Excel Template
  3. Daily Status Update Excel Template
  4. Daily Update Template Excel
  5. Email Update To Manager
  6. Email Update To Stakeholders
  7. Excel Weekly Status Report Template
  8. Multiple Project Status Report Excel
  9. Program Status Report Excel Template
  10. QA Status Report Template Excel
  11. Project Status Report Excel
  12. RAG Status Definitions
  13. Simple Project Status Report
  14. Status Update Request Template
  15. Monthly Status Update Template
  16. Project Health Card Template
  17. Project Status Report PPT Template
  18. Team Status Report Template
  19. Daily Status Update Word Template
  20. Detailed Project Status Report Template
  21. One Page Weekly Status Report Template
  22. Weekly Status Update MOM Outlook Template
  23. Project Update Brief Outlook Template
  24. Project Update Detailed Outlook Template