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Stakeholder Management Kit

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Project management is a balancing act – and one that’s commonly misunderstood. In fact, nearly 50 percent of organizations express a poor understanding of project management, its various factors, and how those elements affect success.

Template Details:

One of the most important components to a successful project is stakeholder management, which ensures that everyone involved in a project has what they need to be successful. This includes stakeholders from all over the organization, as well as those on the outside, such as customers and partners. The Stakeholder Management Kit is designed to help you plan for and manage your stakeholders throughout any given project - making sure their needs are met and they're happy with how things go.

Format: MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word

Templates included - 

  • Stakeholder Power-Interest Matrix
  • Stakeholder Register Template (two versions)
  • Stakeholder Management Plan (two versions)
  • Stakeholder Checklist
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan


  • A detailed stakeholder map, which will help you identify who your key stakeholders are and what their needs are.
  • A stakeholder engagement plan that will show you how to engage stakeholders throughout the life of a project or event.
  • Excel spreadsheet to track key milestones and deliverables.
  • Microsoft Word template for stakeholder reports, presentations, and communications.
  • A comprehensive database of all your stakeholders and their information, with a search feature to find any stakeholder by name or email address.
  • Easy access to contact lists for different departments in your company.
  • The ability to create custom reports on the status of projects and tasks from within the system.