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Sprint Task Tracker & Planner

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Sprint planning and tracking is an essential part of Agile project management. This template will help in planning, tracking, and resource management for a two-week sprint.

The nature of this type of work is cyclical and efficient. Once a team adapts to a few sprint cycles, the time-saving nature of the process becomes apparent. Sprint planning is done in the Sprint Planning Meeting which is attended by the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the project team.

Template Details:

Sprint Task Tracker & Planner Template is a project management template for scrum masters and product managers. It helps you to organize your tasks, track time spent on projects, monitor progress on sprints and releases, collaborate with teammates via chat box in the application itself, etc. The template not only simplifies collaboration within teams but also provides dashboards that allow you to measure what has been done against goals set by stakeholders.

Format: MS Excel


The template has 3 tabs:

  • Sprint Plan
  • Sprint Tracker
  • Resource Tracker