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Sprint Capacity Planning Excel Template

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Sprint capacity planning is a process that helps teams plan for their sprints. It allows them to organize their team members and resources so they can deliver on time with high quality. A Sprint Capacity Planning Excel Template is an easy way to make sure you are able to calculate your resource needs in advance of starting work on a project. 

Template Details:

This excel template helps a Scrum Master or Project Manager in capacity planning for sprints and get a head start in agile projects. The planner has 3 sections - Capacity Planner, Resource Plan, and Data Config.

Format: MS Excel


  • Capacity planners do the planning of tasks and sprints.
  • A config section that allows changing the workstreams and sprint names.
  • The template can handle up to 4 sprints of two weeks each, 5 workstreams, and 30 tasks in the backlog.
  • A detailed resource plan to capture resources available daily.
  • Highlight tasks that have not been allocated to any sprint and duplicate tasks in sprints.