Sprint Burndown Chart

sprint burndown chart
sprint burndown chart
Sprint Burndown Chart Graph

Sprint Burndown Chart

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A Sprint Burndown chart is a graphical representation of the work that's left in a sprint. A burndown chart can be used to show how much work has been completed, and what percentage remains for the team to complete. 

Template Details:

The original use of the burndown chart was to represent the number of sprints (or stories) that were left in a project which was managed using an agile methodology. The Y-axis represented the effort required to complete the project (in sprints/stories), and the X-axis the time left.

In graph:

  • Y-axis represented the effort required to complete the project (in sprints/stories).
  • X-axis the time left.

Format: MS Excel


  • It tracks progress within sprints.
  • It shows how much work is left in each sprint.
  • All tasks are plotted on the same scale so it's easy to see how much work was completed during any given period.

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