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Simple Task Tracker with SLA Tracking

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When you have a small team and want to manage a few tasks all of the need is a simple tracking mechanism for team tasks. This excel tracking template is simple and easy to use. It allows tracking multiple people and highlights SLA breaches.

Template Details:

Simple Task Tracker is a project management tool that allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, track their progress and set SLAs. It's perfect for teams with distributed workforces because it syncs seamlessly across devices.

Format: MS Excel


SLA tracking excel tracker -

    • The tracker captures task ID, description, received date, and SLA counter.
    • Support SLA tracking in terms of days.
    • The tacker is available for 6 and 3 team formats.
    • SLA, which is configurable can be set to be red, green, or amber.
    • If any task is under SLA, then the counter will be GREEN.
    • If any task is right on SLA, then it is AMBER.
    • If any task is breached SLA, then it is marked RED.
    • To use the tracker, enter the task id, description, and received date.