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Simple Project Portfolio Dashboard

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Reporting RAG Status for Multiple Projects, There are always times when you want to show a simple status of your portfolio of projects. This dashboard displays the status up to 8 projects and is very easy to use PPT Template. The dashboard is simple and based on PowerPoint so can be used to display dashboards.
Template Details:
The Simple Project Portfolio Dashboard Template is a dashboard template for project managers. It features a clean and simple design that makes it easy to see what you need at-a-glance, without the clutter of unnecessary information. This template will help you easily create an effective portfolio for your business or organization, with all the data you need in one place!
Format: PowerPoint

The RAG Status template - 

  • Can be used to display dashboards
  • It is divided into 8 sections with each section dedicated to one project.
  • Each project has an overall status and then the status for key project indicators Schedule, Budget, Resources, and Risks.
  • Each KPI can have red, green or amber depending on their status.