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Scrum Board Excel example

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The scrum board is a tool used in project management to help visualize the work that needs to be done and where it falls on an agile development timeline. It can also be used to communicate progress with stakeholders who are not physically present for daily stand-ups.

To be most effective, it focuses on the product's development and production activities. It also emphasizes team collaboration to solve problems efficiently with minimal overhead. A scrum board is used to track the progress of a sprint. The project is then broken down into smaller tasks.

Template details:

  • Allows you to track tasks and measure progress on the project. It helps teams avoid bottlenecks and focus on getting work done.
  • Another huge benefit of using a Scrum Board template is that it removes any question about whether or not something was completed by following up with individuals rather than relying on verbal communication alone (which often leads to misunderstandings).

Format: MS Excel


This excel template consists of 3 stories which are for implementing the SAP system for a client-

  • The testing team
  • The Manufacturing team
  • The Procurement team

Each story is separated into 4 columns – 

  • Do
  • In Progress
  • To Verify
  • Done