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Root Cause Analysis Template

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a step by step process used to understand an underlying root cause of an issue or incident or anything that should not have occurred in the first place. Download Root Cause Analysis Excel and PPT Template.

Template Details:

Root Cause Analysis Template is a tool that can be used to identify the root cause of an issue. It can help you determine what needs improvement and how to improve it. A Root Cause Analysis Template has many useful steps for figuring out what went wrong, including brainstorming about possible causes, examining the evidence, determining the most likely causes, assigning responsibility for each cause, and creating preventative measures.

Format: Excel and PPT


Templates is capturing all the key information related to an event or issue:

  • Event - Clearly define an event name. Keep it short and nice.
  • Date and Time - Specify when the event occurred. If multiple times then mention all the times.
  • Impact Assessment - This section should document what actually happened in much detail.
  • Previous Occurrences - Mention if there were any previous occurrences of similar issues.
  • Timeline of events - This section will capture what actually happened with time details.
  • Analysis Approach - Document how you approached the analysis.
  • Action Items - These are actions of tasks coming out of the root cause analysis.
  • Residual Risks - Document the risks which will continue to exist after the incident.