RACI Matrix Template | Raci Document

RACI Matrix Template, RACI Matrix Template, RACI
RACI Excel Template, RACI Matrix Template, RACI
RACI Excel Template, RACI Matrix Template, RACI
RACI PPT Template, RACI Matrix Template, RACI
RACI PPT Template, RACI Matrix Template, RACI

RACI Matrix Template | Raci Document

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The RACI model functions as a table essential for clarifying Roles and Responsibilities (R&R) within a matrix or cross-functional organization, especially concerning tasks throughout a project's lifecycle. This matrix template comprises four key quadrants: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) project status reports.

Creating a RACI Document is crucial for assigning and understanding project roles and responsibilities among team members, decision-makers, and support roles. It aids in delineating responsible parties facilitating the completion of tasks outlined in the project plan. This matrix, also known as a RACI chart or Responsibility Assignment Matrix, proves particularly valuable for complex projects where clear definition of project roles and responsibilities is essential.

Template details:

The template has the following benefits:

  • The RACI Matrix is an easy way to organize who does what in order to create the best possible product or service.
  • It's designed to help users identify who should be doing what for each type of project task.


MS Excel


Excel RACI Example for Software Development Process-

  • On the left side we have the tasks and right side we have people who are responsible for one of the tasks.
  • RACI has a status column that can be used to track the task status.

    RACI PPT for Example Internal QA Process-

    • Documents roles and responsibilities within a QA team.
    • On the left of the RACI are the various tasks done in a QA process which involves planning, running scripts, recording defects, and re-running the scripts.

      RACI Matrix PPT Recruitment Process-

      • The matrix maps the HR recruitment process and the different roles present in an organization.
      • Matrix considers roles like Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Helpdesk, Site Admin, Accounting.


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