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RACI Matrix Template

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The RACI matrix is a table used to clarify the R&R (Roles & Responsibilities) in a matrix or cross-functional organization, in regard to tasks that need to be completed throughout the projects’ lifecycle. 

The RACI matrix template has four quadrants: responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. 

Template details:

The template has the following benefits:

  • The RACI Matrix is an easy way to organize who does what in order to create the best possible product or service.
  • It's designed to help users identify who should be doing what for each type of project task.


MS Excel


Excel RACI Example for Software Development Process-

  • On the left side we have the tasks and right side we have people who are responsible for one of the tasks.
  • RACI has a status column that can be used to track the task status.

    RACI PPT for Example Internal QA Process-

    • Documents roles and responsibilities within a QA team.
    • On the left of the RACI are the various tasks done in a QA process which involves planning, running scripts, recording defects, and re-running the scripts.

      RACI Matrix PPT Recruitment Process-

      • The matrix maps the HR recruitment process and the different roles present in an organization.
      • Matrix considers roles like Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Helpdesk, Site Admin, Accounting.