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Project Tracker Excel with Gantt Chart

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Project Tracker Excel with Gantt Chart is a project management software that enables you to have a visual representation of your progress on a project. It helps you see how much work has been done, what the deadlines are for each task, and how much time is left until completion. The Gantt chart visually depicts where in the process tasks are located so you can easily see what needs to be done next. Project Tracker Excel with Gantt Chart also offers tools for managing resources and assigning new projects - all in one place! 

Template Details:

This is more than a just project tracking template. Download our project tracker template which features a Gantt chart along with traffic light indicators. This excel project plan template has some advanced features which help in identifying delayed tasks, traffic light indicators, and using predecessors.

Format: MS Excel


With this template, you can:

  • Plan and track projects with a Gantt view.
  • Trask tracking using traffic lights.
  • The template auto-calculates the % Plan.