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Project Success Criteria Excel Template

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Project Success Criteria Excel Template is a spreadsheet that helps you track and measure your project's success criteria. It can be used with any type of project, no matter how large or small the scope may be.

Template Details:

In order to take the guesswork out of the equation, agreeing on the criteria by which the project will be measured is done at the beginning of the project. The criteria will define whether the project will be deemed successful by its major stakeholders, upon its completion.

Download Project Success Criteria Excel Template with 28 Examples.

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Setting a project success criteria needs to define 

  • The name of the success criteria
  • How these criteria will be measured
  • When will it be measured
  • Who is responsible for measuring it
  • All the success criteria can be split into two sections: Internal and
  • External (the client).
  • Once the criteria are agreed upon, it can be graded.
  • If a number grade is agreed upon, then each criterion can be given a
  • Criterion can be given a different weight of the overall grade.