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Project Status Report Template PPT Download

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Project Status Report Template is a PowerPoint presentation that shows the progress of a project and provides important information on how to complete it. It's an effective way to track and report on projects, while also providing some insight into their status at any given point in time.

Template Details:

Using PowerPoint for status reports gives additional flexibility to make the status report more informative. As it is made in power point you can combine several projects status report into one presentation to report on multiple projects.

The PPT template has 4 key sections - Summary, Timeline, 4 basic parameters and risks/issues section.

Format: PowerPoint


  • The PowerPoint template has 4 sections which cover key project parameters like schedule, budget, risks, issues and benefits sections.
  • The template has a timeline section which can be used to visually report the status of the project.
  • The timeline can be updated within the report as the project progresses.
  • Project Summary which can be used to write a free-form update on the project status.
  • Separate risks and issues section will highlight the top 3 risks or issues affecting the project.