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Project Plans (22 Templates)

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Do projects at your company often come up short? Are you and your team constantly taking two steps forward only to take another back? If you’d love to overhaul your approach into something more efficient, our project plans templates is the solution. 

Project plans are an important tool for any project manager. They provide a strategic overview of the entire project, including both tasks and resources. Project plans can be formal or informal, depending on how much detail you need to know about the plan before starting work on it. 

Template details:

Pros of using project plans-

  • Sets milestone for project managers
  • Helps create comprehensive plans for your projects irrespective of size and methodology.
  • Help keep track of tasks and achieve targets.
  • Identify the phases and tasks.


MS Word, Excel and MPP


The bundle contains the following templates

  • One page project plan
  • Master excel project management
  • Multiple project tracker excel
  • Program tracker template
  • Vendor selection plan
  • Project tracking spreadsheet
  • Project duration calculator excel
  • Agile project plan MS project
  • Vendor selection plan
  • SAP Implementation Project Plan
  • Master project plan
  • IT Project plan MS Project 
  • Gantt chart word template
  • Gantt chart excel
  • Payroll implementation project plan
  • Project Tracker Excel with Gantt Chart
  • Traffic Lights Excel Example
  • Simple Excel Project Plan
  • Critical path MS Project Plan
  • Gantt Chart Excel Project 
  • Resource Levelling
  • Quality management plan