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Project Planning Workshop Agenda Template

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A project planning workshop agenda template guides participants through a structured meeting designed to plan a project. Planning workshops are a means of communication used by the project manager to keep all the stakeholders informed.

The agenda also has spaces for recording minutes from meetings or brainstorming sessions to take notes on what was discussed. This workshop agenda should be used by any business owner who wants to ensure that their projects are successful.

Template details:

  • The purpose of the agenda is to help participants prepare for the meeting and focus on what needs to be accomplished to complete their tasks successfully. 
  • This template can also be helpful if you are leading or facilitating this type of meeting, as it will keep you organized and on time throughout the process.


MS Word


The template has the following sections - 

  • Project Name
  • Project Manager
  • Project Sponsor
  • Meeting Date and Time
  • Meeting Participants
  • Project Description
  • Project Details
  • Project Timeline
  • Risks & Issues
  • Roles & Responsibilities