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Project Options Paper Excel Template

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At some point in your professional life, you will be asked to provide options for certain tasks or events to your senior management. To give all the information you need to ensure you first collect all the information required. This template and steps will enable you to provide all the necessary information for your management decision-making.

The Project Options Paper Template is a great way to break down the different types of projects often offered in the business.

Template details:

  • This template provides an outline on how to complete the assignment, which will help ensure that your project is successful and meets all of the requirements.
  •  It will help you evaluate your options, set expectations, and develop strategies for success. 
  • This template also provides information on what each project type looks like and how it operates so you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs!

Format: MS Excel


This options paper template and steps will enable you to provide all the information required to your management for decision making:

  • Step 1: Understand the matter at hand
  • Step 2: Research to know your options
  • Step 3: Outline for options
  • Step 4: Perform risk assessment
  • Step 5: Identify Dependencies
  • Step 6: Cost, Effort, and Timeline Estimate
  • Step 7: Drafting the options