Project Management Task Tracker

Project Management Task Tracker
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Project Management Task Tracker Template
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Project Management Task Tracker

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Project Management Task Tracker is a great template for managing tasks with your team. It's a project management software that helps you plan and track the progress of projects. This template allows you to easily see who has completed what task in your project, which makes it easy to identify if someone on your team needs help or more time on their task.

Template Details:

Project Management Task Tracker Template is simple and easy to use which help you improve project management. This template is simple method of tracking the tasks of the team members. Template sorts the tasks based on due date so that the project manager can focus on tasks which based on due date and priority.

File Type: Excel


  • The excel template has two tabs - task list and data.
  • The task list tab contains two main sections - Tasks and the dashboard.
  • The dashboard shows no of tasks open and how many critical, high and medium.
  • A bar chart displays the total task open for various projects.
  • Due dates are validated and highlighted if they fall on weekends.

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