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Project Initiation Workshop Agenda

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Project Initiation Workshop Agenda Template is a Word document that contains the agenda for a typical meeting to plan and initiate a project. The template includes both text and tables to help you organize your thoughts, objectives, tasks, stakeholders, risks, assumptions and more. In addition to being an agenda template it can also be used as a meeting minutes form or as an interim report.

Template Details:

Arranging a Project Management Workshop or Project Initiation Workshop can benefit all stakeholders involved in the project. This project-specific workshop can serve as a guide to the participants on how to initiate a project in a facilitated and structured manner whereas having Workshop Agenda Template will help the project team understand the project goals, objectives, deliverables, and the timeline of the project.

Format: MS Word

Features :

A project initiation workshop agenda template will include the following fields

  • Project Name
  • Project Manager
  • Project Sponsor
  • Meeting Date and Time
  • Introduction
  • Project Background
  • Scope
  • Project Timeline
  • Risks & Issues
  • Roles & Responsibilities