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Project Initiation (41 Templates )

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Project initiation is a crucial part of any project. It's the first stage of a project where you make sure that all the stakeholders are on board and agree with your plan. The main goals at this point are to establish project scope, set expectations for success, and assign roles and responsibilities. 

Template Details:

Download our project initiation document templates to start a new project and its initiation period. Outline your project goals and get a head start on all your project initiation plans. Templates come with tips and sample examples to outline the content and format of your project.

Format: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint


Why You Need a Project Initiation Templates?
These templates are necessary when coordinating resources, tasks, estimate expenses, and stay up-to-date on the status of each task in order to achieve project goals. A successful initiation phase leads to a successful overall project.

When do I use these templates?
Project initiation templates are used during the initiation phase of the project life cycle. During initiation, you create an overview of the project as well as a strategy for securing its success.