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Project Decision Document

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A Project Decision Document is a document that outlines the key decisions made during the project. It can also be called a decision log, or simply PDD for short. This type of document can include everything from major decisions to minor ones, and it's important because it helps in communicating what was decided to stakeholders at all levels in your organization.

Template Details:

The Project Decision Document includes information about who made the decision, when they were made, why they were made, how they were communicated to others within your company - both internally and externally - as well as any other pertinent details related to these choices.

When faced with multiple choices, one can use a Project Decision Document which mainly is a tool that can help the manager/stakeholders to assess the pros and cons of each recommendation and then finalize on a decision.

Download Project Decision Document Word and Excel Template.

Format: MS Excel, Word


  • To clearly define scope, roles, responsibilities, time frames, deliverables and expectations for each member involved in the project
  • To identify risks or potential problems before they happen
  • To outline any assumptions that were made along the way