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Project Cost Management Plan Excel

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Managing project cost is one of the key tasks for any project manager. The project cost management plan is a document that provides a summary of the various phases and associated costs for any given project. It can be used as a tool to help identify what needs to be done, where you are in the process, and how much it will cost.

The plan can also serve as an aid in managing project risks by providing managers with data on potential problems before they arise.

Template details:

  • This project cost management excel template will help you with managing the project costs for resources, hardware, software, and other aspects of the project. This template has a dashboard that will show how the project costs are tracked.
  • It provides a framework for managing and optimizing the cost of your project, so it's less likely to go over budget or run out of funds before the work has been completed.


Ms Excel


The template covers the following -.

  • The template has tabs for resource costs, software costs, hardware costs, and others.
  • In the other sheet, you can add resources details, their hourly rates, and the actual cost will be calculated in the last column.
  • Project cost summary- captures the planned and actual cost of each project
  • Piechart- captures the total planned and actual cost of resources
  • Software and resource costs- displays the planned and actual cost of software, resources