Project Cost Estimation Template Excel

Project Cost Estimation Example, Project Cost Estimation, labor cost estimation
Project cost estimation template excel, Project Cost Estimation, material cost estimation
Project Cost Estimation
Project Cost Estimation

Project Cost Estimation Template Excel

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It is not uncommon for businesses to spend more than they want on their projects. It can be challenging to estimate the costs of a project, and many times people will underestimate the true cost of what it takes to complete a project. If you are looking for an easy way to calculate your average cost per project, then you need not look any further.

Whether it is a new website, renovating an office space, or developing a mobile app, our Project Cost Estimation template can help. This template will allow you to input different variables about your project and then quickly estimate what it might cost.

Format: MS Excel

Template details:

The template helps you in the following ways:

  • A basis for the decision-making process, and helps to avoid costly mistakes. This template offers guidance on how to calculate costs accurately.
  • This template will allow you to more accurately estimate the labor costs required for any given project, as well as provide an estimate on what it would cost to complete that project.


This template covers the following sections:

  • Project cost estimation summary- Enter the total costs calculated from other sheets to calculate the total project cost.
  • Labour costs-  Write down the description, required hours to complete the job, cost per hour and total cost.
  • Material costs- Write down the material descriptions, units required, cost per unit, and total material cost
  • Other costs- Mention any other miscellaneous expenses 


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