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Project Charter Word Template

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A project charter is a document that outlines the objectives, scope, and other aspects of a project. It provides the framework for all subsequent planning, decision making, and execution. A well-written charter can help you avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that everyone agrees on what needs to be done before any work begins. 

It provides the framework for how work will be accomplished by all parties involved in the project and sets expectations on what can be delivered based on those parameters.

Template details:

  • The Charter is an important document that gives the project manager the authority to commence the project and acquire the required resources to support the project activities.
  • This Project Charter document helps to identify the major stakeholders of the project and sets clear expectations on the project goals and is used as a reference document throughout the project. 

Format: Word 


This template consists of the following sections:

  • Project Charter Introduction 
  • Project Overview
  • Project Organization
  • Project Success Criteria