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Project Portfolio Dashboard

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Project Portfolio Dashboard is a project dashboard that allows you to manage your projects, organize them into folders, and track the status of each one. It's easy to use, customizable to suit your needs, and even gives you time estimates for different tasks.
When managing multiple projects in a portfolio it is always challenging to communicate the status of multiple projects and their KPIs.  The Portfolio Dashboard allows a project manager to communicate the portfolio status with ease.
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Who can use this?
  • Project managers who want to deliver the portfolio status.
  • Project managers working on multiple projects.
  • Designers, developers, and other team members to plan projects. and create tasks with deadlines.

Format: Microsoft PPT


  • The dashboard has a project roadmap for the year.
  • The roadmap can be used to display project timelines.
  • The project health card covers the critical parameters of the project - schedule, budget, resources, risks, and changes.
  • The project funding section.
  • The resource allocation section.
  • The project risks can be used to display risks count for high, medium and low.
  • The project funding, resource allocation, and project risks are graphs.