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PMO Implementation Plan

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Set up a PMO Implementation Plan by downloading our PPT template. Highlight the important aspects you need to consider in order to succeed and escape the statistics. Implementing a PMO should be treated as a strategic business change project. 

Template Details:

The PMO implementation plan is a document that outlines the various steps of implementing your project management office. It's an important document because it can help you avoid errors and pitfalls in planning, as well as save time by outlining all of the necessary tasks to create an effective PMO.

Format: PowerPoint


  • Phases in PMO implementation plan-
  • Define- This section helps to define what expectations will the PMO aims to meet.
  • Plan- In this phase, we start detailing which functions and services should the PMO delivers to meet expectations.
  • Implement- This phase gathers makes the right team around you and defining their roles and responsibilities.
  • Manage- Measure what you have achieved so far, learn from failures, refine your work, communicate your achievements, and prepare the next wave of work.
  • Close-It involves not just housekeeping, like closing administrative contacts, risk logs, etc., but also ensuring that the organizational memory is alive by gathering lessons learned.