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Monthly Leave Planner Template

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Monthly Leave Planner Template is a template that you can use to organize your employees' leave requests. It's a great way to keep track of all the time off requests for your team, and it also helps reduce the amount of time spent on leave-related tasks in the office.

Template Details:

The template has the month and the year mentioned in first column (Col A). The months are presented in a drop down list while the Year field is a free text. One can select a month for a particular year to get a view of the planned leaves for the month. The calendar period which is displayed is updated at the top of the Calendar.

File Type: MS Excel


  • Vacation and holiday tacking;
  • Annual totals summary;
  • Weekly break down of hours worked by day;
  • Visual representation of the week's work schedule;
  • Ability to calculate how much time off is available based on current hours per week if they are added or subtracted from the work schedule.