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Kanban PPT Template

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Kanban is a simple but yet very powerful tool for the management workload of a team. Using the Kanban board provides visibility and structure to the way a team manages its workload. 

A kanban board is an organizational chart that uses cards to represent work. They use columns of different colors or shapes to signify stages of completion, such as "To Do," "Doing," and "Done."

Template details:

The uses of this template are:

  • It's perfect for any type of business or personal use. You can make it work with anything from scheduling appointments to home improvement projects.
  • Kanban can be used to manage projects of all kinds, from managing your blog content to improving customer service.




Columns on a Kanban Board:

  • Backlog - will contain the list of all the tasks pending.
  • To-Do - will include tasks that are already prioritized.
  • WIP - Work In Progress. Tasks that are currently in progress.
  • Done - Section which should have all the tasks which are complete.
  • Express Lane - all urgent tickets should be put on this lane so that can move faster