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ITIL customer Complaint Report

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This report is meant to provide you with an overview of the complaints that have been made by customers of your company. The customer complaints are grouped into categories based on their type and then sorted alphabetically within each category.

You can use this document to help identify patterns in the types of complaints that are being made, or find out where there are gaps in service levels for various parts of your business.The ITIL customer complaint report template is a comprehensive document that enables organizations to address and resolve customer complaints in an efficient manner.

Template Details :

  • This template is for ITIL customers to use when they are submitting a complaint. The report includes all the information that is needed in order to properly process it. 
  • This template includes the steps on how to handle these situations properly while also gathering all necessary information from the customer that might be needed for further investigation or follow-up.




The ITIL customer Complaint Report includes the following sections.

  • Complaint Details: Customer Name, Complaint raised by, Email, Mobile No., Complaint Received on, Date Of complaints, Hours of complaints, and service affected.
  • Complaint: Explain the Complaint Received.
  • Complaint resolution: Complaint Received By, Received on, actions taken to resolve the complaint, Time stamp of Complaint Resolution, and Escalation Needed.
  • Improvement Measures and authorization