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IT Project Plan MS Project

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The IT Project Plan MS Project is a Microsoft Office application that helps you to manage your projects. It does this by providing you with an overview of the plan, resources, tasks, and more. The template also allows for collaboration between team members so that they are all on the same page when it comes to project management.

Template Details:

A software development project plan and its tasks will vary depending on the type of implementation, but this template can be used as a starting point for planning.

Format: MPP


The template has the following development phases –

  • Business Case-The Business Case phase is to set up the governance required before the software project plan.
  • Analysis-The analysis phase is the phase where requirement analysis is done.
  • Design-The design phase in a software project plan is primarily run by the architects.
  • Build-The build phase of the software development project is the phase in which the developers will plan to build the software.
  • Quality Assurance Library- It is the test plan and set of test cases that can be used to test the system.
  • Quality Assurance Test- In the quality assurance test phase the newly built or changed software is tested to make sure it is doing what it supposed to do.
  • User Acceptance Testing- also known as UAT is the process of business user testing to make sure the system changes are in line with the business processes.
  • Implementation Planning- Implementation planning is a key step in any software development project plan.
  • Pre-Production Testing- Pre-Production is a dress rehearsal of the tasks to be done in the production implementation.
  • Production Implementation- The day when the changes will be applied to production.
  • Post-Go-Live Support