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Issue Register Excel Template

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Issue Register Excel Template is a spreadsheet that can be used to track the status of an issue. This template allows you to update it with your own columns and rows, which makes it very customizable. It also helps you stay on top of all the issues in your company by tracking their statuses. You do not need any special skills or training to use Issue Register Excel Template

Template Details:

Having a project issue log template to capture issues is very essential to ensure that all  the information is captured and all the information is stored in a central location.

Format: MS Excel


  • A list of all open items for each project.
  • A list of tasks to be done in order by priority.
  • An individual task can be assigned to one or more people on the team.
  • Allocated time periods can be set up for each task.
  • Areas where there are no active items will not appear on the spreadsheet until they become relevant again (this feature is enabled through conditional formatting).
  • The user interface allows you to see what's due today, tomorrow, this week or next week.