ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy Template

ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy
ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy
ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy
ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy

ISO 27001:2022-Clean Desk Standard Policy Template

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A Clean Desk Standard Policy Template promotes cleanliness and organization in the workplace, reducing risks and improving productivity.

It sets expectations for desk cleanliness, storage, document disposal, and personal accountability. Implementing this policy enhances professionalism, efficiency, and protects sensitive information.

Format: MS Word


  • Clear workspace: The clean desk standard policy should emphasize the importance of keeping desks free from clutter. Employees should be encouraged to remove unnecessary items from their work area and only keep essential materials.
  • Confidential information protection: The policy should outline guidelines for the proper handling and storage of confidential documents. Employees should be reminded to lock away any sensitive information or use secure file cabinets to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Secure document disposal: The policy should promote the use of shredders or secure document bins for the disposal of sensitive documents. Employees should be trained on the proper procedures for discarding confidential papers to protect against data breaches.

Template Details:

The template includes the following details:

  • General information
  • Rules
  • Policy governance

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