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Intern Incident Report

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Intern incident reports are an important part of the safety culture in any workplace. They help to identify potential risks and hazards, as well as give employees a place to document their experiences with problem-solving. The most common form of report is the "near miss" report, which documents events that came close to causing injury or harm but didn't actually do so. These reports can be filed for many reasons, such as when a worker has been exposed to something dangerous or harmful or when they have been injured on the job without proper equipment.

Template Details:

Used for any incidents which involve an intern, and records what happened during the incident, and any actions which resulted from the incident.

Format: MS Excel


Template covers following sections-

    • Basic Details of the Incident
    • Involved in the Incident
    • Witnessed the Incident
    • Incident Details
    • Action Taken as a Result of the Incident
    • Actions Approved By