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Incident Report Template

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An incident report template is a document that organizations use to record and maintain information about an event. It can be used for many things, such as documenting customer complaints, monitoring safety standards in the workplace, or keeping track of hazardous materials. Incident Report Template documents are usually created by internal staff members and distributed to employees so they know what needs to be documented and how it should look when submitted.

Template Details:

An incident report is something that everyone hopes they never have to fill in and is used only in case of a major event (and not the pleasant kind). It is used for recording and documenting incidents, such as hacking, accidents, injuries of any kind, or any other unforeseen event. 

Format: MS Excel


The template covers the following sections-

    • Report Details
    • Incident Details
    • Incident Description
    • Involved in the Incident
    • Incident Witnesses
    • Follow up actions
    • Approval of Documentation