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Help Desk Ticket Tracker

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The Help Desk Ticket Tracker is an easy-to-use ticketing system that allows you to keep track of all your customer service requests. The software is perfect for any type of business, whether you're an individual looking to run your own help desk or a large corporation with multiple departments. 
Tracking SLAs are the biggest challenge for anyone managing a help desk. It is important that the manager is on top of SLAs, resource utilization, and queue management. This excels help desk manager makes it easy to create, delete, manage, and track tickets.
Template details:
  • The Help Desk Ticket Tracker template is a spreadsheet for tracking customer service requests by date, type, and status. 
  • The template will allow you to create an organized way to queue the tickets and solve issues based on their priority.
  • The ticket has a ticket number, description, assignee, category, SLA, time received, SLA target, Ticket Age, Breached. 
  • Has a queue, reports, and config section for better control.
  • SLA target, Ticket Age and Breached are auto-calculated.
  • Easy to use buttons for adding and deleting a ticket.
  • An SLA refresh button which sorts the tickets in order of priority.
  • Has a report section that shows the ticket status and reports for categories and agents.
  • Tickets that have breached SLAs are highlighted in red.