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Help Desk Ticket Template

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A Help Desk Ticket Template is a document that is used to describe the issue and provide any other information necessary for support personnel to resolve the problem. Most things in life don’t function flawlessly in perpetuity, and the help desk’s purpose is to help fix any malfunction which may prevent an employee from performing their tasks.

This extends to all functions of the workplace: hardware, furniture, A/C, software, etc. The help desk is staffed by professionals like help desk technicians in various fields and is there to provide assistance in all the functions stated above.

Template details:

  • With our help desk ticket template, customers will be able to get their answers faster without having to wait on hold or keep asking questions that are answered elsewhere.
  • We make sure to include all of the relevant information like what kind of request has been raised, any other request information




This template has the following sections-

  • Requester information
  • Request information
  • Original request information
  • Ticket correspondence
  • Status
  • Closure date