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Configuration Management RACI

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"RACI" stands for "responsible, accountable, consulted and informed." This is a simple template that can be used to assign roles in your Configuration Management System.

 A Configuration Management RACI template allows you to define who has responsibility for which tasks, and then track the progress of those tasks. It can be used across many environments, including IT systems, manufacturing equipment, production lines, or facilities. 


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Template details:

How Configuration management RACI will help you?

  • The RACI template is a document that defines roles and responsibilities for people who are part of the configuration management system.
  • The template can be used to create more efficiency in your process by defining responsibilities, tasks, and timeframes


The Configuration Management RACI includes the following sections-

1. Configuration Management activities

2. Configuration Management Planning 

3. Configuration Identification

4. Configuration Control

5. Configuration Status Reporting

6. Configuration verification and audit

7. Configuration Management Roles and Responsibilities