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Team Resource Plan Excel Template

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The template outlines who will be responsible for what aspect of the project and provides guidelines for proceeding with their work. This document is essential if you want your group members to know exactly what needs to get done without confusion.
The team resourcing plan excel template will help a team manager to assign team members to multiple projects. In addition, it provides a clear view of team allocations.

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Template details:

The benefits of this template include:

  •  Help reduce project risk by identifying potential issues before they happen, which means there will be less chance of them coming back and affecting your progress further down the line. 
  • One main benefit of this template is that it eliminates any confusion about who's working on what task at the moment, so people can focus more on getting things done rather than trying to figure out who they should be talking to next.

Format: MS Excel


  • Team plans on a daily basis and allocation can be done up to 60 days.
  • Each resource can be allocated up to 5 projects.
  • Each project is assigned a different color.
  • Project names can be changed but not the color or serial number order.