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Excel Project Dashboard Template

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Excel Project Dashboard Template is a template that can be used to create your project dashboard. It includes information about what you are working on, the progress of each task, and how much time has been spent on each task.

Template Details:

Looking for a way to see the big picture of your project and simultaneously present upper management with updates that won’t overwhelm them or require too much of their time to digest? If so, you’ll love our Excel Project Dashboard Template which allows for you to effortlessly visualize all critical success factors in an easy-to-digest fashion. With the ability to add commentary, label the status of any give parameter, track budgets, display schedules, and much more, this template is just the thing needed to ensure project managers and upper management stay on the same page at all times. 

Format: MS Excel


  • Provides a bird’s-eye-view of any project’s critical parameters, making it easy to digest
  • Displays critical information like budgeting, risks, scheduling, status updates, issues, pending change requests, and more
  • Easy to use and ready for download upon purchase